HB Ingredients Newsletter No.3 May 2008  
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  • Deco Relief Piping Bags
  • Slivered Almonds
  • Vanilla Pods
  • Belcolade Easy Temper Chocolate
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This months Featured Supplier is Belcolade "The Real Belgium Chocolate"
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This month our recipes come from our supplier of the month Belcolade
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Following previous advice and with the Cocoa Market back at a high  and with Sterling still remaining at a very weak level, the increases for chocolate from 1st July will be in the order of up to 20%.

This is a huge increase and we urge you to stock up before this is implemented - we will do all we can to meet additional demand, so early warning is appreciated.

During May we will be able to issue actual new Price Lists, which we will send to all our clients.

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Price Lists from our Web Site
You can now print price lists from our website. Once you are logged in click on anyone of the "Product Groups", on the left, then you will see a "Show as a price list" button, click on this, which will create the price list, then right click anywhere on the price list and choose the "Print" option.

Sectors on the Website
Just a quick reminder for existing customers who have not yet logged onto our website and advised us of which sectors apply to your business. By doing this, we will be able to keep you informed of any new products and special offers that may be of interest.
If you need any assistance our Customer Service Team is here to help. Please feel free to call them on +44(0)845 88 00 799. 


Article of the Month  

Stabilised & Cristallised Natural Flowers


Florinnov are a Provence based company that markets hand crafted crystallised flowers. Their main aim is not to allow industrial food producers, who have acquired a taste for mass produced artificial flowers, made from marzipan, sugar or rice paper, to flood the confectionary decoration market.
Stabilized and crystallized natural rose  

What gives Florinnov's exceptional know-how, is the alchemy of an ancestral recipe and a very original, patented technology: instant crystallisation.

In the industrial "garden", the company "grows" 10,000 crystallised flowers a day, all unique, with their original form and taste qualities preserved, thanks to natural food additives.

The raw materials are picked in the most beautiful flower reserve in the world: Grasse, in the sunny South of France. No chemical product spoil the rose, violet or jasmine petals.

As chocolate provides a universal gastronomic touch to birthday cakes, "flower" ingredients are increasingly nourishing the pastry professionals' creativity.

That little jasmine flower delivering its exquisitely fine flavour, when the white coating slowly melts in the mouth. The Chinese were the first to cook candid rosebuds and the indians the first to taste rose syrup

Stabilized and crystallized natural jasmine

Stabilized and crystallized natural violet


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