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Belcolade combines the traditional art of manufacturing top class chocolate and fillings with the science of total quality management by the highest standards.

They offer a wide and innovative range of finest quality chocolates in the "Selection" and "Collection" assortment.

Belcolade Selection

The "Selection" assortment ranges from a bitter dark chocolate to a sweet white chocolate, passing through a complete scale of tastes and viscosities. A range of specialties including shavings, bake-stable grains and chunks complete this assortment.

Belcolade Collection

The "collection" assortment consists of a very special origin assortment and a fine selection of 100% organic/bio chocolates, with a unique aroma approach. Belcolade selected specific cocoas to develop very distinct and typical origin chocolates in the "Collection" assortment. The flavours in their Organic/Bio range of dark, milk and white chocolate are exquisite, thanks to the carefully selected ingredients and their specific production process. The range is also available as Fair Trade certified.

Belcolade Filling

Belcolade can offer you a wide range of fillings. Some of these fillings are ready to use after a little bit of kneading or heating. Others can serve as an excellent basis for you to combine with some of our chocolate, or with other ingredients, colourings, flavours, ... This is the ideal way to differentiate your products from the many available on the market.

The characteristics of these fillings can be adapted to your application requirements regarding texture, fluidity, bake stability, freeze stability, etc...

Belcolade has also added "Belcolade Ingredients" to the product range such as a real Dutch cocoa powder and cocoa butter in an "easy-to-dose" format.

To complete the Belcolade assortment a wide range of high quality chocolate and nut-based fillings are also offered.

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