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Papouasie Milk Milk Chocolate Pistoles

The Origine Papouasie is born of the alliance between a Criollo and a Forastero. It is a beautiful pink copper colour. The Origine Papouasie has a lightly spiced flavour. The initial impression of freshness in the mouth gives way to an entire harmony of flavours. Ideal product for fine moulding, coating, ganache, mousse, pralines, biscuit, sauce, decoration, ice cream and sorbets.

Was £7.53 now £6.50 for a 1kg box.

Was £75.30 now £65.00 for a 10x1kg case.

Papouasie Milk Chocolate Pistoles    

'EDELBITTER' 70% Swiss Extra Bitter Chocolate

High percentage of fine quality cocoa, with real vanilla.It has a fine black colour. Bittersweet, rounded cocoa flavour. Extremeley fine glaze. It has a wide working range with a constant flow behaviour.

Was £101.52 now £91.37 for a 6x2kg case.

Edelbitter 70%

CLAIRE Swiss Milk Chocolate Coins

Classic milk couverture with light notes of caramel for a real milk chocolate taste. Special warm reddish brown colour. High percentage of milk fat. Constant flow behaviour. Delicate, fine glaze.

Was £60.64 now £54.58 for a 8kg case.
Claire Swiss milk chocolate
Lubeca 27% Marzipan

This quality marzipan is manufactered in Lubeck, home of marzipan, using the almonds which are grown around the Mediterranean, the climate there giving them a distinctive almond flavour.

Was £28.50 now £25.65 for a 5x1kg case
Lubeca Marzipan


Silver Aerosol Spray Silver Varnish

Give a silver and metallic effect. Protect from hulidity. Extend the preserving.

Was £18.50 now £8.50

Aerosol Spray Silver Varnish
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