HB Ingredients Newsletter No 27 May 2010


Commodity and Currency


April proved to be a highly significant month for the Cocoa Market. The end of the main crop was followed by positive and recovering grind figures (consumption) in the US and Europe.
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Recipe of Month


Our recipe of the month will in future contain certain ingredients that HB Ingredients supply.
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New Products


We have some exciting new products, chocolate colouring drops, praline pastes and crystallised petals,

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Special Offers


Winter Special Offers


Short Dated
Special Offers


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"The Doctors"

"The Doctors"

Don't forget to ask"The Chocolate Doctor" or the "Ingredients Doctor" to answer your questions.


Chocolate Courses

Click here to access details of Chocolate Courses that HB Ingredients can recommend.
The Callebaut Chocolate Academy have published their 2009-2010 prospectus.






As per the Commodity and Currency reports over recent months, the inevitability of a price increase again for the second half of 2010 is a reality. The ‘reference period' which decide the new price lists has been higher in terms of the Cocoa Market and a 28 year high was seen, although as we report this month this has now been superseded by highs last seen in 1978.

Pricing for July-December 2010

In broad brush terms, the levels of increase against current pricing look to be as follows:-

Extra Bitter 70% 7%
Plain 53% 4.5%
Milk 2%
White 2%
Organic remaining roughly as now.

We are intending to thrash out the final detail to enable us to publish Price Lists by the end of May.

Given the increase levels on Extra Bitter & Plain Chocolate, we strongly suggest that you look to buy additional stock for delivery from us before the end of June. We are increasing our orders to stock build from here on in – this obviously includes Plain Chocolate Decor products, and we hope you will take advantage of this. Clearly the latter months of the year is the major chocolate using/consumption time so by buying in advance there is extra margin to be made!

Please contact us if you have any specific queries and we will be delighted to discuss these with you. PLEASE NOTE we will have the new Price Lists available before the end of May.

Tony Mycock 6.5.10


Barry Callebaut Chocolatier Event

Following the poor weather and snow earlier this year, the re-arranged Barry Callebaut Chocolatier Event took place at the Westminster Kingsway College on Tuesday 27th April.

The day started with the Celebrity Food critic Nigel Barden introducing the first speaker as a ‘Legend' in the World of Chocolate. Jean Pierre Wybauw took to the stage and gave an interesting and informative talk about using alcohol in Chocolates and the easiest way of preparing sugar crusts and using Griottines for infused Chocolate liqueurs.
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Coming Next Month!

HB Ingredients are launching a new website next month:


Origin chocolate from around the world for the connoisseur and the chocolatier, including "origin made in origin" retail bars and couverture.

HB Ingredients in Action

We have put together a pictorial journey around the different departments at HB Ingredients click here.

El Rey Block End of Line Sale

El Rey are stopping importing their chocolate in block form into Europe. In future they will be supplying this quality origin chocolate from Venezuela only in disco's(button) format, packed in 5kg boxes.

We are offering a discount on our existing stock of El Rey chocolate in block format, this shows a considerable saving on present prices and as we are expecting a price increase in the near future. Take advantage of this exceptional situation. Click here for full details.

Callebaut Christmas Concept

We have been asked by Barry Callebaut to show this new concept, for an advent calendar to our customers and ask for any feedback. If you feel this concept would be of interest, please click here and e-mail us.





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