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This Months New Products



Natural Colouring Drops

100% Natural colouring drops, to colour white chocolate and fondant sugar. Easy to dose, no need to purchase large quantities of powder colourants. Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Belcolade Range of Specialist Praline Pastes.

Pralinor Chunky Praline 5kg bucket, has a coarse texture with high level of nuts giving a strong caramelised nutty flavour. 37% roasted almonds, 18% roasted hazelnuts and caramelised sugar Suitable to use as a high quality praline filling.

Pistachio Praline NAFNAC 1.5kg bucket, green praline with harmonious sweet pistachio flavour,. 52% roasted green pistachio and caramelised sugar  Suitable to use as a high quality praline filling.

Deli Flor.

We will be stocking a range of Deli Flor products, these will be NAF NAC(no artifical flavours, no artificial colouring) and will include rose, violet and jasmine petals. The rose and violet petals will be available in 250g and 1kg boxes and the jasmine in 250g boxes.


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