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Cocoa Prices continued to fluctuate within the overall range of 1450-1600 that we have seen so far all year, although during April the market moved up by around 10% from the low at the end of March. The firmer market was largely due to continued speculation about the size of the current crop year, and this was more or less confirmed with a correction to the Ghana figures by some 70,000tonnes which had been over stated.

However as we keep saying, the outlook is positive and we do expect cocoa prices to remain in the current range for the coming 4 months or so.



It is a case of onward and upward for Sterling, the outlook remains positive with Barclays Bank forecast that Sterling will remain strong and they have a 12 month forecast of E1.32 = £1. A long way to go until we see this, I think, the most important thing is stability.

Tony Mycock
4 th May 2012


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