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  HB Ingredients Newsletter No.9 November 2008  
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Granulated Nougat

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Featured Supplier of the Month
This month we are featuring Callebaut, Begium chocolate manufacturer

Recipes of the Month

This months recipes are taken from Jean-Pierre Wybauw book Chocolate Without Borders........

Chocolate Courses
Barry Callebaut offer a range of courses at their Chocolate Academy from September 2008 to July 2009. They range from "Introduction to Chocolate" to "Advanced Competition Showpiece Course". Click  here to view a downloadable PDF file.
"The Doctors"

Don't forget to ask The Chocolate Doctor or The Ingredients Doctor to answer your questions.





2008 has been a unique year, in that we have seen:-
- A step change in the value of Sterling,
- Serious increases in most basic Agricultural & therefore end Food products
- The most significant Financial crisis since the 1920's
Since late 2007, Chocolate prices have risen by around 28%, which reflect the currency changes and also the increase in the Cocoa Market experienced during the year.

Pricing for Jan-June 2009

Belgian made chocolate from both Barry Callebaut and Belcolade - Plain chocolate prices are increasing by a small amount and Milk & White chocolate is decreasing by around 5%.

Cacao Barry - up slightly for Plain and down slightly for White & Milk

Barry-Callebaut UK made chocolate - increasing, Plain by up to 12% and White and Milk by up to 5% - this increase is a ‘catch up' due to the previously hedged Euro/£ position earlier this year.

El Rey - prices are increasing, largely because of the strength of the US dollar.

Organic chocolate is reducing by more than 10%.

Another victim of the strong $ are Organic Sugars, which are increasing from December 1st by a further £80 per tonne

Please contact us if you have any specific queries and we will be delighted to discuss these with you. PLEASE NOTE we will have the new Price Lists available by mid next week...

Semi – Finished Hollow Moulded Figures

We also now have access to a wide range of Machine made and also Hand moulded Figures and Eggs. These are ‘bulk packed' in cases, so just require some fancy re-packing and ribboning etc before sale. Perfect if you don't have the time or moulds to make your own. These are ‘brought in to order' products, so maybe a bit late for this Christmas, but we are intending to stock a range of half Easter Eggs and some bunnies etc early next year.

Please contact us for more details...

Food Design
We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed by Food Design to distribute their range of Inclusions and Decor products, these include Toffee, Cinder Toffee (Honeycomb), Fudge, & Truffle Pieces, plus chocolate or fat coated versions, as well as natural coloured and/or flavoured sugar.
We will establish stocks of a basic range during November. www.food-design.co.uk

Nougat Products – NOW IN STOCK!!!!

Also we will shortly have stock of Nougat Pieces and also Granulated Nougat from a long established family firm in Belgium.
The Almond Nougat Pieces (Napolitains) are packed c.530pieces in 4kilo boxes and each weigh around 8 grams – so are perfect for enrobing or dipping to include as part of your range, and also a great dip for Fountains. £7.75 PER KILO

The Granulated Almond & Honey Nougat is 3mm or less and when mixed in a centre, or even just mixed with chocolate like a ‘Cluster' adds taste & texture. Also great in Ice Cream or just used as a ‘sprinkle' on desserts, cakes etc. Packed in 1kilo bags, 6 to a case. £6.75 PER KILO


End of Year Arrangements

December 2008

Monday 22nd – Last day for despatches, deadline for next day delivery at 1300hours.
Tuesday 23rd – Normal hours
Wednesday 24th – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]
Christmas Day 25th – Closed
Boxing Day 26th      – Closed
Monday 29th – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]
Tuesday 30th – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]
Wednesday 31st – Closed [But picking up & responding to e-mails & urgent phone messages]

January 2009

New Years Day 1st – Closed
Friday 2nd – Normal hours

HB Ingredients CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

To further enhance our ability to give a first class service to all of our customers we have recently commissioned a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system. This will enable us to more effectivly manage each of our customers individual requirements. As with any system it is only as good as the information that it contains, therefore our customer service team will be updating our records with you when you next place an order.

The World Chocolate Masters

We thought you would like to see in more detail the 5 showpiece's from the World Chocolate Masters UK Finals, please click on the images below to see them full size:

Mark Tilling, Lainston House Hotel, World Chocolate Masters UK Champion 2008. Oliver Drayton, Chancery Court Hotel, London. World Chocolate Masters UK 2008 runner up. Andrew Gregson-Brown, Andy's Creative Cakes, Northamptonshire. Sebastian Kobelt, Scotland. Richard Heppell, RAF Culinary Arts Team, Buckinghamshire.


Article of the Month  

Commodities and Currency News

Cocoa Market

The downward trend continued apace during the first half of October, hitting below 1250. Since then there was a correction, but by the end of the month the market is around the 1300 mark, which is a further +/-180 down from the start of October, and back to levels seen last in April. The general feeling in the market is that todays level is a within a realistic range of +/- £30, but time will tell!


Huge volatility in the weakness of Sterling within a wide range from Euros1.22-1.30. The overall Financial situation continues to feed uncertainty and with Interest Rate reductions (although the Institutions are, as usual, reluctant to pass this on in full to their customers) hopefully the next few weeks will see a calming effect through the markets as business very slowly gets back to some type of normality. The forward view is that Sterling should be around the 1.28 level and we still hope this is the case and that we start to see more consistency as we did during the summer.


As we mentioned we feared last month, we understand some customers have been hit by their banks increasing overdraft rates to up to 6% above base, and those that have tried to switch banks have been advised that most of them are not taking on new customers at this time. Not exactly unexpected behaviour by the banks, but this will really pressurise many businesses and does not support central intervention that is aimed at freeing up liquidity to keep the cogs oiled.

Christmas and Easter are still coming, and for UK manufacturers the upside of the weak pound is that it acts as a barrier to imports from the Euro & dollar zones, so hopefully UK made products will have a reasonably successful time of it. Having worked in the Chocolate Industry during the late 80's/early 90's when Interest rates were well over 10%, chocolate proved to be fairly recession resistant, and we expect that to be the case now. However everyone is looking at costs and margins, and it is vital to ensure that costs are micro managed and that focussing on what you are good at, will at worst, ensure survival! We are committed to working with customers to reduce costs whilst maintaining the best service levels, never hesitate to contact us if you feel we can help support you in any way.

Tony Mycock 5.11.08



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