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Commodity and Currency News


2009 has been an interesting year, and over recent weeks we have seen significant increases in Cocoa & Milk product prices

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FIE 2009


After a very successful Fi Europe in 2007 with over 17,000 visitors attending London ExCeL,

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Children in Need


HB have been doing their bit for charity again after supporting an event run by Coghlan's Cookery School / Bottles & Barrels based in Derbyshire.

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"The Doctors"

"The Doctors"

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The Callebaut Chocolate Academy have just published their 2009-2010 prospectus.





2009 has been an interesting year, and over recent weeks we have seen significant increases in Cocoa & Milk product prices as well as sterling fluctuating against the Euro and US$

Pricing for Jan-June 2010

Due to the increase in Cocoa prices, prices for high cocoa containing products should increase by more than lower containing products, although as you can see from the table below, this logic does not necessarily follow.







up c.5%

up c.7.5%

up c.2.5%



up c.3.2%

up c.1.5%

up c. 2.8%

up c.1.8%


up c.2.4%

down c.4%

up c.1.8%

up c.3.2%


up c.1.9%

down c.4%

up c.1.7%

no change


up c.9%

down c.3.5%



Please contact us if you have any specific queries and we will be delighted to discuss these with you. PLEASE NOTE we will have the new Price Lists available before the end of November.

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Last year we decided to donate £500 to a local Childrens' Hospice Charity rather than send out Christmas Cards to all our customers and suppliers. This year we will be doing the same, except this year we have decided to donate to the ‘Help for Heroes' charity.

Positive News

We have regularly said that the upside of the weakness of sterling seen throughout the year, has been to boost UK food producers and enable them to compete and grow their businesses. Recently we saw this article showing that the UK market is still growing well...

Brits' Love of Chocolate Feeds Sales Growth
By Caroline Scott-Thomas, 09-Oct-2009

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British people spend more money on chocolate than any other Europeans – and sales continue to grow, according to new figures from Mintel.

There has been much speculation over the past year about whether chocolate merits its long-held ‘recession-proof' reputation. The theory is that even as financially squeezed consumers cut back on luxuries in times of economic gloom, they continue to reach for small indulgences like chocolate. Many manufacturers reported strong profits during 2008, but then the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) warned that a rush to invest in cocoa late last year was premature as 2009 chocolate consumption remained uncertain.

Now figures from Mintel's recently launched Global Market Navigator (GMN) show that the UK chocolate market has continued to grow, and it forecasts 5.8 per cent growth in 2009, to outstrip that of 2008, when sales grew by four per cent. The UK market grew by 7.4 per cent in 2007.

Managing director of Mintel's GMN Steve Charlton said: “These figures demonstrate the British love of chocolate remains as strong as ever. The fact that we buy more chocolate than any other European country, despite recessionary pressure and our comparative lack in size, shows where the priorities of sweet toothed Brits lie.”

The UK spent £3.5bn (about €3.8bn) on chocolate last year, followed by Germany which spent £3.4bn (€3.7bn) despite having 20m more people. However, it is Germany that launched the most new products during this time, accounting for a quarter of European launches, followed by Austria with 12 per cent and the UK with eight per cent.

Mintel also picked out some of the trends driving sales growth in Britain, including a movement toward chocolate that is perceived as being healthier, as well as organic, Fairtrade-certified and single-source cocoa chocolates.

Charlton said: “The trend towards good quality produce is reflective of European consumers' interest in the sourcing and provenance of ingredients. In fact, in the last six months alone almost three quarters of all new organic products and over half of all new Fairtrade products have been launched in this region.”

Only the Swiss spent more on chocolate per person than the Brits, at £111 (€120) and £57 (€62) per head respectively.





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