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Children in Need

Sporting Chefs

"Sporting Chefs"HB have again been makinga contribution to charity after supporting an event run by Coghlan's Cookery School / Bottles & Barrels based in Derbyshire. The event ‘Sporting Chefs' brings sporting celebrities into the kitchen in a battle of the pans to raise money for the BBC Children in Need charity. If you thought they were competitive on the field, you should see them in the kitchen! ‘Sporting Chefs' is an event where sports personalities from all disciplines give up their time to work in a professional style kitchen, preparing a four course meal for 100+ paying guests. Personalities such as Tasher Danvers (GB 400m Runner) Clinton Woods (GB and Former IBF Light Heavyweight world champion) and John Beresford (Footballer for teams including Newcastle United, Birmingham City & Southampton) have a different sort of pressure to deal with as the diners expectations are high........ and it has been known to get a little rowdy as the wine flows!

Dessert and Chocolate Centre Piece.HB Ingredients sponsored the dessert and chocolate centre piece and also donated the services of David Brealey, who further enlisted the help of Barry Colenso to help design and construct the chocolate centre piece that took centre stage in the marquee. This was also used to display the petit fours.

The evening went incredibly well and to date has raised in excess of £15,000 for children in need and various smaller local charities. This total is set to go even higher as sales from the Charity calendar start rolling in.

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