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Selection of Books we Currently Stock



Below are a selection of books we currently stock, with a synopsis of each to help you choose the right book for your needs.

Fine Chocolates Great Experience by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

Product Code: M.BOOK

The first of Jean-Pierre Wybauw Fine Chocolate books, this book is perfect for the beginner and also for the experienced chocolatier to use as a reference tool. It is an extensive and practical manual which includes a theoretical section with vivid illustrations. It tells you everything you need to know about chocolate, sugar processing, rheology and shelf life. With over 100 inspirational chocolate recipes which are described in detail and illustrated with suberb photographs by Tony Le Duc.

Fine Chocolates 2, Great Ganache Experience by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

Product Code: M.BOOKGGE


This is the second book in the Fine Chocolates series. This book is again perfect for the beginner and also as a reference for the experienced chocolatier. This book specialises in pralines. Jean-Pierre Wybauw comes up with a myraid of applications, techniques, tips and recipes to creatively process ganache into pralines. A manual filled with sweet titillations and surprising preparations, captured in brilliant photography by Frank Croes.


Fine Chocolates Great Experience 3, Extending Shelf Life by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

Product Code: M.BOOKESL

This is the third book in the Fine Chocolates series which is another must for the kitchens of professional chocolatiers, experienced amateur cooks and chocolate lovers. This beatifully illustrated book deals with the most frequently used raw materials in an understandable language and explains how they impact the quality and shelf life of pralines. The many new recipes represent a delight for the eyes and taste buds.

Chocolate without borders by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

Product Code:M.BOOKWB

Currently on Special Offer Now £7.50

Chocolate lends itself excellently to the preparation of all kinds of sweet treats such as milkshakes, truffles, brownies, chocolate cake, bavarois and many more Jean-Pierre Wybauw explains in a simple way what to do with such a delicate product as chocolate. With a few simple basic rules and one or two useful tricks you will be able to make some delicious chocolate treats.


Chocolate Decorations by Jean Pierre Wybauw

Product Code:M.BOOKCD


Another great book by Jean-Pierre Wybauw, a comprehensive and practical guide on how to produce chocolate decorations.
It demonstrates different types of decoration and techniques such as:

  • Decorations of Frozen Materials
  • Piped Decorations
  • Decorating Moulds
  • Flowers
  • Techniques for Chocolate Showpieces
  • Various Techniques
  • Stencils - Patterns - Print Techniques

This book is a must have for professionals and advanced amateurs.

Chocolate Unwrapped by Sarah Jane Evans

This book is ideal if you would like an usual chocolate bar. Are you bored of what is currently on the market and looking for something which tastes exquisite, then look no further this book is for you. Discover more than 80 of the world's top producers and their bars - single origin, ethical and fair trade, classic and new flavours your taste buds are sure to be tantalised.



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