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Easiest Dessert you will Ever Make!!

I almost feel ashamed to admit this, but I will!

I have used this dessert in various guises for a few years now and it is by far the easiest, quickest desserts you will ever make and you will always get lot and lots of praise for it.
Now under normal circumstances I would always say “make your own chocolate mousse” but if you are catering for a large group or you are just short of time, then this is one of the best quick and easy solutions out there.

I give you Callebaut Chocolate Mousse.
It comes in Milk, Dark and White, and takes 5 minutes to whip up and 2 hours in a fridge to fully set, but you can serve it straight away if you find yourself amidst a culinary nightmare. Admit it, it happens to us all.....

It has a very good shelf life and will serve up to 36 x 50g portions.
It comes as a powder which you just whip with milk, ratios are on the side of the pack. You can layer it, freeze it, add fruit, add alcohol or just use it to top or layer into a dessert.
I have not done a recipe as such for this but more of a set of ideas and suggestions which I have used successfully.


Boozy Raspberry.

Raspberry Framboisines (Raspberries soaked in Kirsh) Product code: F.RASFRAM1*
Callebaut White Chocolate Mousse Product code: POW.MOUW0.8*
Plain choc blossom Curls or Plain choc Flakes Product codes: CD.BLOD1* and CD.SHADBC2*

Place a few of the Kirsch soaked Raspberries in the bottom of a glass.
Whip up the White chocolate mousse and add some of the Kirsch liquor from the Raspberries. Just add to taste but not too much as it does tend to develop in flavour and will make you mousse slack) mix in some of the Plain chocolate blossom curls or plain flakes and place in a piping bag. The plain flakes just add a bit of texture and help bring down the sweetness of the mousse.
Pipe the mousse over the raspberries and finish with a sprinkle of plain blossom curls and a white Callebaut chocolate pencil (which I trickled with plain choc.)
Place in the fridge and bring out 10 minutes before serving to allow the condensation to go from the glass.


Winter Cherry Mousse.

This follows the same theme as above but uses the Griottine cherries (Cherries soaked in kirsch)
Place the cherries in the bottom of the Glass.
Whip up the Callebaut Plain chocolate mousse and add some of the kirsch from the cherries. The dark choc and the Kirsch are just a match made in heaven..
Pipe the Mousse over the cherries and place in the fridge for 15 minutes.
Whip up a small amount of the white mousse. Bring the glass out of the fridge and pipe the white mousse on top of the plain.
Place in the fridge to allow to set.
Bring out 10 minutes before serving and decorate. I used some cherries and made up some chocolate shards on a transfer sheet. But you can use the mixed chocolate decorations, Product code: CD.DEC575*

Mousse Baskets.

For these I used the plain chocolate lined waffle baskets from PIDY Product code: P.TULCH10.5* (Tulipes choco) but I have also used the Tulip cups Product Code: CP.TULIP16* in the past and these are excellent, they look amazing being are very thin and delicate. (Excellent if you are doing a large function or to make up fresh in a cafe or coffee shop environment)
I used the Griottine cherries Product Code: F.GRIO1* and raspberries Product code: F.RASFRAM1* again here but you could really go to town with fresh fruit toppings and chocolate decorations. The time you save on making the mousse can be used on the finishing. Nobody would ever have to know.....

*for full details of these products, please put the product code into the "Quick Search"box on our website.


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