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Convenience is the name of the game with Pidy's new range of Crumbles – Chefs at the moment will crumble biscuits /meringue etc to use as a topping, a layer in a dessert, or simply to decorate the plate, resulting in uneven sized pieces, shards & lots of dust – hardly convenient or cost-effective as this results in lots of wastage! Pidy's new range of crumbles address this by offering a regular-sized crumble with no dust or wastage, and come packed in convenient shaker tubs with a twin opening lid – open one way to get a shaker and the other way to access with a spoon, what could be easier? And all at a cost of a few pence per serving! All the products come in a case of 12 tubs and carry a shelf life of 12 months from manufacture.


Natural Meringue Crumble x 180g
Strawberry Flavour Meringue Crumble x 190g
Chocolate (White, Dark & Milk Assorted) Coated Meringue Crumbles x 575g
“Speculoos” Crumble (Caramelised Biscuit) x 400g
Butter Shortcrust Pastry Crumble x 420g
Dark Chocolate Coated Cookie Crumble x 550g
Meringue Pearls x 200g


Croutons & Mini Toasts


More convenience from Pidy – a range of ready to use crispy and flavoursome Croutons for use in salads or soups, in Natural, Garlic or Garlic and Fine Herb flavours and in a choice of 8mm or 12mm sizes. All come 12 x 500g to the case.

Mini Toasts, at approximately 35mm diameter, are natural, crispy and ideal for canapés or Amuse – Bouches. These come 12 x 150g to the case.



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