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Luker Cacao

CasaLuker, a family owned enterprise was founded over 100 years ago, in 1906. Today, Luker Cacao leader in the Colombian chocolate market - is one of the most important buyers of "cacao fino de aroma" in the world. Products derived from "cacao fino de aroma" have a delicious flavour which is distinguished by its aromas and its fruity, flowery flavour with nutty malt notes. Seventy percent of "cacao fino de aroma" produced in the world is grown in Colombia, Equador, Venezuela and Peru................... click here for more information about Luker Cacao. 

Below are Luker Cacao products that we can supply:

Luker Huila 65% 2.5kg Bag Product Code: LUK.HUIL652.5
Luker Huila 65% 4x2.5kg Case Product Code: LUK.HUIL654X2.5
Luker Santander 65% 2.5kg Bag Product Code: LUK.SAN652.5
Luker Santander 65% 4x2.5kg Case Product Code: LUK.SAN654X2.5
Luker Santander 85% 2.5kg Bag Product Code: LUK.SAN852.5
Luker Santander 85% 4x2.5kg Case Product Code: LUK.SAN854X2.5
Luker Tumaco 65% 2.5kg Bag Product Code: LUK.TUM652.5
Luker Tumaco 65% 4x2.5kg Bag Product Code: LUK.TUM654X2.5

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