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Billington's Unrefined Cane Sugar

When Edward Billington started his trading company in Liverpool 150 years ago he began by importing tea and coffee, very soon after he added sugar.

Today the name Billington's is synonymous with premium, unrefined cane sugarBillington's Products. Almost single handedly Billington's created and nurtured the growth of the unrefined sugar market and is now widely acknowledged as the unrivalled expert in this innovative area. The company has developed strong, trusted partnerships around the world, focusing with suppliers on producing top quality products with the value added at source. Nowhere is this more true that in Mauritius where for more than 30 years Billington's has worked closely with local growers and producers to create the finest natural cane sugars available.

It was some 30 years ago that virtually all sugar sold in the retail market was refined, white and granulated, even the brown sugar was white refined sugar with colour and flavour added. Billington's spotted an opportunity to re-introduce some traditional unrefined sugars, paradoxically they realised that it could add value by doing less to the raw material. If a range of genuine, quality sugars could be carefully produced in a sugar mill among cane fields, then any further processing in a far away refinery would be unnecessary.

The company started with unrefined Demerara sugar and then launched traditional Muscovado sugars primarily for baking. Thereafter, Billington's introduced a number of brand new unrefined sugars, most notably Golden Granulated sugar for everyday use and Golden Caster sugar. Billington's went on to lead the growth of organic unrefined sugars before the more recent addition of a number of unrefined Fairtrade sugars.

For food lovers, the first taste of Billington's unrefined cane sugar is often a moment of revelation. See what the experts say:

"Billington's has created what is, without doubt, the finest quality sugars in the world".......Delia Smith.

"I love the smell and odour of unrefined sugars. They seem to have a character all of their own which adds to the quality of a dish.".......Brian Turner.

When I say butter, I mean unsalted; when I say salt, I mean Maldon sea salt, and when I say sugar, I mean the golden unrefined stuff from Mauritius.".....Nigel Slater.

"The golden unrefined sugar here isn't an earnest option but a voluptuous necessity."......Nigella Lawson.

"Who had heard of muscovado sugar before the mid-80's? But once it had entered our culinary language, bringing with it the first taste of how deeply flavoured unrefined sugar can be, interested cooks embraced it with glee."....Simon Hopkindon.

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