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Praline Pastes from Callebaut


Callebaut have many different types of praline pastes which are all good products to use on there own or you can add your own ingredients to give them different flavours and textures.

Callebaut selects premium grades of hazelnuts and almonds of Turkish and Californian origin. They are roasted, ground and caramelised into the fine, homogeneous nut pastes and pralines with the authentic taste Callebaut is renowned for.

The praline pastes are very versatile and you can add them to cremes, bavarois, glazings and confectionery fillings giving them an intense hazlenut taste. Furthermore, these nut products are perfectly compatible with chocolate and guarantee perfect end results.

HB Ingredients stock the following Callebaut praline pastes:

Product Code: N.PNP5, Pure unsweetened nut paste 5kg Tub, 100% hazelnuts
Product Code: N.PRA5, Hazelnut Praline 5kg Tub, 49.5% hazelnuts
Product Code: N.PRAC1, Very Fine Hazelnut Praline 1kg Tub, 49.5% hazelnuts
Product Code: N.PRAM5, Almond Praline 5kg Tub, 46.5% almonds
Product Code: N.PRAMANO5, Almond and Hazelnut Praline 5kg Tub, 24% almonds and 24% hazelnuts

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