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Cocoa Prices continued at the top of the range experienced over the past 6 month or so
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This month's recipes are using some of the new Ingredients Pantry products This Month's Recipe--------->


This month's featured products are the new Ingredients Pantry products
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We have lots of exciting new products this month
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"The Doctors"
Don't forget to ask"The Chocolate Doctor" or the "Ingredients Doctor" to answer your questions.


Click here to access details of Chocolate Courses that HB Ingredients can recommend.
The Callebaut Chocolate Academy have published their 2011-2012 prospectus.




Sugar Prices

As explained before, in our Commodity and Currency report, sugar and cereal ingredient prices will be rising from the 1st October 2012. As soon as we have these prices confirmed to us, we will let all of our customers know.

Ingredients Pantry Website Coming Soon

HB Ingredients will soon be launching a new website which will showcase our Ingredients Pantry Range.

This is a range of products available in manageable pack sizes and ideal for the artisanal producer and serious homebaker.

A significant amount of the range is also suitable for the Foodservice sector and is ideal for decorating desserts and ice creams. The product range will include mini natural chocolate beans, gold and silver deco-balls, chocolate splitters and pink glimmer sugar pearls.....and growing by the week.

HB Ingredients Repacking Unit

To re-pack, for the Ingredients Pantry range of products, we have commissioned a state of the art re-packing unit.

With a separate changing area and delivery point this unit has been designed to BRC standards.

Re-packing has started and we should have the majority of the range available within a few weeks.

Two New Exciting Range of Products from HB Ingredients

We present the Texturas line of products developed by Albert & Ferran Adrias, the famous owners of El Bulli. Essential for Chefs to be able to incorporate some of the best-known techniques to their kitchens, such as hot gelatins, airs, melon caviar or spherical ravioli.

For a list of the products that we will stock, click here.

The Mugaritz range of grains and seeds with high nutritional value, are gathered from ancestral culinary cultures.
Brought to you from one of the top 5 Restaurants in the World. Mugaritz is a place where diners go to have their preconceptions of food smashed to pieces. Its dishes are designed to tell a story, evoke an emotion, and bring some magic to the dining experience.

For a list of the products that we will stock, click here.

HB Ingredients is an Official Partner of the World Chocolate Masters 2012

HB Ingredients is one of the official partners of the UK Heat of the World Chocolate Masters 2012. This year it was held at the Speciality Fine Food Fair on 2nd-4th September 2012.

We would like to congratulate all the contestants who took part in the competition this year.

The winner of the UK Heat of the World Chocolate Masters 2012 is Ruth Hinks from Cocoa Black.

The theme of the competition was 'The Architecture of Taste' and this needed to be reflected in all creations. Contestants were required to produce a large chocolate showpiece, a chocolate layered cake, a moulded praline/moulded bonbon and a gastronomic chocolate dessert, over a three day period.

Click here to see images of the 4 showpieces and a video of the prize giving ceremony.


CasaLuker is a family-owned enterprise founded more than 100 years ago in 1906, in the small Colombian city of Manizales. Luker's commitment is to offer customers the best chocolate made with the best Fino de Aroma cocoa. To do this, 50 years ago in 1962, CasaLuker founded La Granja Luker (Luker Farm), full article.

To see examples of their new packaging, click here.

On October 8th at 7pm at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton, London you can attend the UK premier of "Nothing Like Chocolate", the new feature documentary about chocolate, chocolate ethics and the story of the Grenada Chocolate Company. See a trailer, click here or download a full Press Release, click here.

The Evils of Traders Manipulating Commodity Food Prices for Profit

Barclays denies making £529 million betting on food prices and boosting food manufacturing costs.....................Read the full article.

Couplet Product Information



Couplet manufacturer a range of innovative and specialist sugars suitable for bakery, confectionery, pastry applications.

Below is information and recipes for the Snowline S11 Fondant Powder,

Product Code: S.FONPOWS1125

Click here to view the Snowline S11 Information Sheet

Click here to view Truffle Recipes using S11

And Finally........


Working here at Lewes has it's dangers, like a scene from the film "The Birds", the seagulls are so keen to sample the numerous delights in our warehouse that they attempt to fly through our closed windows.





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