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"Modern Gastronomy"

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7 New Ice Cream Kits
Exciting new flavours
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"The Finest Italian Products"

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Real Vanilla
is now quick and easy to use with
our LittlePod vanilla paste in a tube
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produced solely in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement.

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Conveniently packaged ingredients

As we now have over 2000 products, we have produced sector websites to help you navigate to the product/products that you are interested in .


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Please note all products are still available on this website as well.

Bean To Bar

Dedicated to producing chocolate from "Bean to Bar" using origin beans including details of equipment.

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Food Service

Giving our Food Service customers on-line access to new and exciting products.

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Ice Cream

A range of products for the ice cream sector including the "Joy Gelato" products from IRCA in Italy.

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Ingredients Pantry

Products in manageable pack sizes ideal for Artisan bakers and hobbyists.

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Bid Us

Place your bid for some quality ingredients and grab yourself a bargain.

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Chocolat Madagascar

Watch a superb video, showing the complete bean to bar production of Chocolat Madagascar.

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HB Ingredients has become the largest independent chocolate couverture distributor in Europe, selling and stocking wholesale chocolate and other chocolate supplies.


Our over 30,000+sq ft warehouse enables us to carry an extensive range of wholesale chocolate products and other chocolate supplies, giving a fast and efficient service to our customers. HB Ingredients are also chocolate suppliers and chocolate wholesalers. We have a highly respected placing in the chocolate suppliers and chocolate wholesalers sector.

As an independent chocolate distributor our chocolate comes from all the major chocolate producing countries of the world and as highly credible chocolate suppliers and chocolate wholesalers HB Ingredients are proactive about supplying our wide range of customers with the latest products of high standard chocolate.



News and Updates
New Products
A range of new products we have added to our portfolio.

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Special Offers
A range of products on promotion
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You can now order samples of the majority of our products on-line.
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Meridian Packaging
All of your packaging needs
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Information House
Technical information, recipes, product information sheets and chocolate making videos
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